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Ms. Chen's journey to becoming an Acupuncturist started when she experienced the pain and loss of one of the most important people in her life. It all began during her fifth-grade winter break, her mother passed away after battling against breast cancer for two years. Her mother’s passing impacted her to begin a career in the health field. She was aspired to go into the health care field because she wanted to help herself, and others alike that suffer from pain and illness.


Ever since she was in middle school, she began to suffer from stomachaches and knee pain. She experiences her worst stomachache when she was diagnosed with stomach ulcer at age seventeen. She suffered from countless sleepless night due to the pain caused by the stomach ulcer. Back then the only medicine she knew was antibiotics. Had she known about the benefits of acupuncture it could have saved her from the pain.


Her body was slowly deteriorating when she graduated from her undergrad and continued her studies in MBA. During the two years of MBA program she suffered from panic attacks, migraine, stress, stomach pain, stomach ulcer, and knee pain. The opportunity of seeking an acupuncturist was brought upon her when one of her friends approached her about acupuncture and how it would benefit her life and body. She was curious about Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine; thus, she sought her friend’s advice and began studying acupuncture and had experienced her first ever acupuncture treatment. The treatments that she had received was extremely beneficial.

Since then she is able to treat her own stomach problems and knee pain with acupuncture and cupping. Learning Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine also helped her balance her emotions which allowed her to cope with stress. She has yet to experience extreme flare ups of pain and had not gotten any panic attacks nor migraine. Which is why she has become extremely passionate about Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.


She was awarded with the Board of Trustees Awards and graduated top of her class at South Baylo University. After graduating she worked in a busy clinic and sought many patients with extreme and chronic pains. She has seen countless patients with various types of pain, stress and emotional problems, insomnia, and other illness.


Every experience that she had with patients was very rewarding because she was able to witness the patients’ improvement from acupuncture treatments and traditional Chinese herbal medicine. No reward is greater than knowing that the patients’ lives are improved after treatments. She welcomes everyone to begin their Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine journey at Gin’s Integrative Medicine.

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